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Our Employer/Employee Statement


Here at Expert Bookkeeping and Accounting Services, we want to employ people who are passionate about the business and who care about the ongoing and long-term success of both the business and its customers.  We do not want to employee people who only care about short-term benefits and rewards at the expense of the long-term sustainability.

We want to employee people who are respectful of all other people that they deal with and who always treat all people with dignity, kindness, patience, and empathy.  We do not want to employee people who are rude, arrogant, offensive and have an exaggerated image of their own self-importance compared to others.

We want to employ people who take responsibility for their actions.  People who can acknowledge when a mistake has been made and who do not blame shift.  People who want to learn and develop.

When the business is financially successful, we want to be known as an employer who acknowledges that each and every person employed by the company has contributed towards the financial success of the company and so rewards all of its people and not just executive management and owners.