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What is “Enhanced Asset Write-Off”?


This can also be known as Accelerated Asset Write-Off or Accelerated Depreciation/Amortisation.

Enhanced Asset Write-Off are tax rules governing how business assets that are bought can be written off for tax purposes.

In other words, how quickly can you get a tax deduction against your taxable income and so reduce the amount of tax that you need to pay as a result of buying the complying asset.

The ATO amends the Enhanced Asset Write-Off rules from time to time depending on whether or not they want to encourage business investment by decreasing the period over which you can claim a tax deduction or increase the amount of tax revenue collected by the government by increasing the period over which you can claim a tax deduction.

At Expert Bookkeeping and Accounting Services, as experienced bookkeepers and accountants, we pride ourselves on always being up to date with the latest ATO rules and so we can unsure that our customers get the maximum legally allowable tax benefits.